Core Values

Teamwork begins with trust and belief in our team and partners. Appreciating our colleagues and clients along with challenging and motivating one another, helps us create concepts that work.
Integrity and honesty is embedded in everything we do; ITC adheres to the highest ethical standards. Our industry-recognized reputation of accountability and honesty has created mutual respect amongst our clients and colleagues.
To Deliver - Quality results in every service and solution we provide to our customers by being committed and accountable for all services provided and always delivering results!
It is within our nature to innovate by taking calculated risks, embracing imagination, and thinking outside the box. Through experimentation, persistence, and big-picture-thinking we create advanced technology solutions for our clients.
Excellence is precision, flawless execution, and an unbridled commitment to continuous improvement and problem-solving. ITC is defined by perfection and outstanding quality in our services.
We always put our customers first and treat them with the same respect and dedication as we do our colleagues. This commitment to providing outstanding quality service in every step of the customer-client relationship is at the core of who we are.

Meet the Team

John Epperly
Jon Hammond
Director of Solutions
Tom Swerdzewski
Director of Human Resources
Timothy Larson
Account Manager
Benjamin Peden
Account Manager
Tracie Cook
Director of Finance and Contracts
Jeffrey Dance
Director of Business Development
Phillip Craig
Account Manager
Pinakin Patel
Chief Executive Officer
Amy Johnson
Chief Operating Officer
John Trollinger
Chief Technology Officer