IT Concepts has been awarded a three-year, multi-million dollar General Services Administration IT Schedule 70 Data Science Service contract to support the Kessel Run data science team at the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Detachment 12.

“The Air Force Kessel Run program is for companies, like ITC, that deliver with speed and agility.  This win speaks volumes of our ability to win work, in a highly competitive environment, partnering with agencies as they evolve and innovate not only their technical objectives but their procurement processes” – Pinakin Patel, ITC CEO.

The  ITC  Team  brings  broad  experience  implementing data  science best  practices  and  lessons  learned  to  overcome  the most  challenging  software  and  data  engineering/science  challenges.  With science and  technology experts  from  the  DoD’s  top  data  science  firms,  we  provide the  right  balance  of  management,  process, technology, and innovation to achieve Kessel Run Program Objectives. IT Concepts will provide services to include but not limited to: developing, maintaining, and implementing data architectures capable of handling complex data sets quickly and securely. Additionally, ITC will develop data implementation approaches across the entire Kessel Run ecosystem and providing core data services for applications residing on the Kessel Run platform.

“I’m very proud of the hard work and dedication our team put in over the last year to realize this incredible opportunity to work with the Air Force to improve their mission though advanced data science and engineering.” – Jon Hammond, ITC CTO.