Business Solutions

ITC has encapsulated decades of learning into our Application Transformation Leveraging Agile Strategies (ATLAS) methodology. It covers key phases of Initiation, Analysis, Design, Development, Acceptance, Deployment, and Enhancement. The simplest way to understand our ATLAS approach is by using our automated guide. You’ll see technology, processes and templates used to develop and deploy applications on a common platform with specific emphasis on Business Data, Application Integration, and Process Automation throughout the project life cycle.

Mix in our experience with Rapid Application Development, Iterative, and Agile development approaches with our deep understanding of our clients’ needs and you get a custom approach with the well-defined design and deployment of business applications. This is not only cost effective, but it also automates current business processes and enhances them for maximum robustness and scalability to address the demands of the future. ITC offers the customization our clients need to move their technology to the next level and gain industry advantage.