ITC developed the Quick Allowance Research Tool for the Social Security Administration to provide benefits quickly to claimants whose medical conditions are so serious that they clearly meet the agency’s disability standards.  QuART is an efficient tool that utilizes data extraction, analyses, fraud indicators and reporting capabilities carried out within a SAS environment. ITC developed and deployed and implementations of SAS algorithms that replaced an unwieldy desktop solution that took days to run.  QuART enabled SSA to expeditiously identify optimal thresholds for the Quick Disability Determinations (QDD) process, to maximize allowance and quick precision, and to balance QDD workloads within the modeling populations and with the Compassionate Allowances (CAL) process.

ITC created two main QuART models by merging data from multiple sources.  The first was called Scoring Service for Allowance (SSAL), which scores cases according to the likelihood of disability case allowances without regard to the length of time involved processing; and the second was Scoring Service for Processing Time (SSPT), which scores cases according to the likelihood that medical evidence is readily available and that the Disability Determination Services (DDS) can process the case quickly without regard to the outcome of the case.  The combination of these models into dual score allowed the QDD process to model results with the same or better precision in minutes versus several days across multiple desktops with the older process.  ITC developed and created SAS analytic files; generated statistical output; formulated program approaches and consulted with client or team members to clarify requirements; wrote, tested, implemented, and refined SAS code; provided input to progress reports; prepared codebooks and documentation; performed required quality control and assurance activities including bench-marking results.  ITC developed and delivered these algorithms in 6 months from kickoff to deployment.

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