The Small Business Information Technology Support Services (SBITSS) for the Social Security Administration is a $100 Million, five and a half-year Blanket Purchasing Agreement based on our GSA Schedule 70 offerings.

SSA anticipates that the principal business functions of the Agency will increase over the next decade due to the influx of over 70 million baby boomers. Because workloads in most critical areas will increase, SSA will continue to rely heavily on increased automation to provide high-quality services to the public’s changing needs, delivered more efficiently, faster and at a lower cost. SSA will continue to modernize its systems, particularly in the internet environment to achieve agency goals and objectives.

Winning five of six call orders on SBITSS BPA, ITC provides technology management support to the SSA, Office of Electronic Services and Technology and Streamlined Acquisition Support System. We provide management support, software engineering, and lifecycle activities support. We provide research and analysis of SSA business processes, policies, and systems documentation to capture business architecture via business capability mapping, planning domain models, and value stream analysis. We support multiple enterprise-wide projects via our six call orders that impact not only internal operations but also applications that are accessible to the public via the Internet.

Under the ITSS BPA, ITC provides IT support services to SSA’s Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in support of SSA’s mission-critical goals and objectives, especially those activities related to the continued and expanded use of IT products and services. The primary customers of these services are SSA component offices responsible for the maintenance, development, and evolution of the agency’s information technology and telecommunications capabilities, as well as other offices that perform programmatic functions. The programmatic areas include but are not limited to, the Office of Budget, Finance, Quality and Management, Office of Communications, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, Office of Human Resources, Office of Operations, Office of Retirement and Disability Policy, and the Office of Systems.

With ITC’s help, SSA is continuing the transition to state-of-the-art development and delivery architecture and infrastructure to meet each of its strategic goals which are reliant on IT for success. The ITC Team possesses a broad spectrum of experience, qualifications, and capabilities necessary to manage all aspects of software engineering and efficiently delivering automation at a lower cost.

We provide services under the following four (4) broad technical areas:

  • Lifecycle activities for software improvement and web/interface
  • Database and data administration
  • Software engineering and management support
  • Systems Administration and Systems Security support

Examples of tasks we have performed under this BPA are:

  • Business Intelligence Support for the Social Security Administration

ITC consultants with the help of other team members took a ‘Modern Architecture’ perspective when supporting this customer. The new repository was created where the focus was on modernizing and streamlining the COBOL program and transformation logic involved in the ETL process. It used to take about six months to create these files, now it does not take that long. Earlier, more than twelve sources were feeding data into this repository, now it’s been reduced by 50%.

  • Office of Electronic Services and Technology (OEST)

ITC provides software improvement and web/interface design support for multiple internal and public-facing projects including, various customer engagement tools (Click to Chat, Click to Callback, etc.), Internet Social Security Number Replacement Cards (ISSNRC) among others. We gained experience with multiple Integrated Development Environments (IDE) including Jakarta and Eclipse. These projects use various lifecycles including waterfall, hybrid and Agile. To assist SSA with updating and automating current systems, ITC mapped business processes; collected, analyzed, and validated requirements; researched, evaluated, and recommended existing technologies; tested application functionality; implemented prototypes for web front end applications; and prepared the supporting documentation for all these activities.

  • Quick Allowance Research Tool (QUART)

The ITC Team assisted SSA to improve Quick Disability Determinations (QDD) and Compassionate Allowances (CAL) fast track initiatives with our innovative and diverse technical resources enhancing SSA’s QUART and Business Intelligence (BI) Architecture goals by delivering mission-driven, agile, secure solutions. ITC used component analysis techniques to analyze and categorize populations of people that required immediate funding for benefit relief based on factors such as how serious their condition was in relation to the likelihood of insurance fraud.  Based on thresholds for reimbursement and the capacity of the available agents, the analysis provided optimal categorization for approval of funds to those most in need. ITC leveraged SSA’s existing SAS ARC infrastructure, DASH, and the SAS Business Intelligence Suite and SAS Enterprise Miner to shorten model development and build predictive models, format outputs, define tables and plot views that appear on the user interface and modify the metadata.

  • SSA’s Streamlined Acquisition System (SSASy)

ITC supports SSA’s SSASy which serves as the Office of Acquisition and Grants (OAG) official contract writing system. SSASy is a paperless, electronic tool, used to prepare, submit and process a full range of pre and post-award acquisition actions. ITC supports OAG in putting together contract actions to help acquire supplies and services for SSA. ITC continues to exceed the expected quality levels and provides exceptional benefits to SSASy customers. In addition to providing daily user support, our team completed the entry and oversight of data entry of $120 Million dollars in small purchases into Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), allowing the agency to accurately report our ME/VE and VHR transactions.

  • Information Technology Server Administration and Desktop Support

ITC provides server administration and desktop support technicians to the Deputy Commissioner of Operations (DCO) 500+ employees in four Associate Commissioner components located in SSA headquarters. ITC supports the DCO Support Staff and plays an integral role in supporting the DCO in fulfilling the agency’s mission. The DCO uses multiple servers, workstations, laptops, desktop and LAN printers, authorized software and various other hardware, and peripherals to accomplish their mission. ITC provides IT support in person and virtually for all these users, including the movement of equipment for those employees that are new, existing, or exiting our workforce.

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