The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, Management and Deputy Chief Management Office (SAF/MG) continuously looks for more effective and efficient ways to support Air Force business operations and refine the development of Defense Business System (DBS) requirements supporting the Business Mission Area (BMA) Information Technology (IT). ITC, in support of Business Capability Lifecycle Management (B-CLM), is providing professional management and technical Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) support that includes the following categories: technical and engineering; information and data management; process engineering; change management; project management and scheduling. In addition, ITC supports SAF/MG assessments of progress toward Air Force strategic and program mission objectives.

ITC provides support and expertise in enterprise data management and data architecture, system engineering, and software engineering. This includes skills in data analysis, business intelligence, project management, business process improvement, market research, data migration methods, cloud computing, web services environments, and enterprise security models.

In addition, ITC analyzes and advises the development of requirements, plan, design, and execution of data solutions (including infrastructure) for data warehousing/data sharing environments, to include ‘federated’ service-oriented architectures for the entire business enterprise. ITC architects solutions between data environments in multiple functional lanes, to include logistics, acquisition, human resource management, and financial management. We also support the analysis of business system architecture environments that includes planning for governance, structure, standards, and integration. This includes expert knowledge of IT security models, and experience with developing Platform as a Service (PAAS) solutions.

Veterans Administration: VLER/VHIE Professional and Technical Services
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