Project Description

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Solutions For The Information Technology Enterprise (Site) – Subcontractor

The SITE contract enables streamlined execution, simplifies purchase requests, standardizes acquisition documentation, improves enterprise program management for customers, provides better reporting capability, improves contracting performance and data integrity, and makes the DIA’s overall IT acquisition processes more efficient.

The SITE contract provides worldwide coverage for IT requirements and technical support services that support the government Intelligence Community through system design, development, fielding, and sustainment of global intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and the intelligence components of command and control (C2) system assets. It also supports business process reengineering/development, performance measures and metrics, feasibility studies, IT systems architecture development and planning, research, design, engineering and/or development of systems, and fielding and installation of systems with capabilities developed during the design and engineering phase.

Scope of SITE Services:

  • Task Area 1: Program and Project Management Services
  • Task Area 2: Technology Assessment and Evaluation Services
  • Task Area 3: Systems Engineering
  • Task Area 4: Operations Support Services
  • Task Area 5: Network Operations and Administration
  • Task Area 6: Storage Services
  • Task Area 7: Web Services and Content Management
  • Task Area 8: Acquisition and Property Management Services
  • Task Area 9: Maintenance and Remote Diagnostic Services
  • Task Area 10: Administrative and Special Services
  • Task Area 11: Information Assurance Services
  • Task Area 12: Security Management
  • Task Area 13: SCI Personnel and Information Security Support
  • Task Area 14: Risk Management
  • Task Area 15: Testing and Verification Services
  • Task Area 16: Training Services

Contract Highlights:
The following organizations can use the vehicle:
Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Combatant Commands, Joint Reserve Intelligence Program, Multinational partners, National Command Authorities, defense agencies, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), federal departments/agencies with intelligence missions or using C2 or intelligence information systems, and others as deemed acceptable by the government.

Pinakin Patel President & CEO (571) 918-9990
Amy Johnson Vice President & COO (571) 918-9981
John Trollinger Vice President & CTO (571) 918-9980