Project Description

Social Security Administration Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) – Prime

The Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) for the Social Security Administration is a $100 Million, five and a half-year Blanket Purchasing Agreement based on our GSA Schedule 70 offerings.

Under this BPA, ITC will provide IT support services, including, but not limited to, SSA’s Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in support of SSA’s mission critical goals and objectives, especially those activities related to the continued and expanded use of IT products and services. The primary customers of these services are SSA component offices responsible for the maintenance, development, and evolution of the agency’s information technology and telecommunications capabilities, as well as other offices that perform programmatic functions. The programmatic areas include, but are not limited to, the Office of Budget, Finance, Quality and Management, Office of Communications, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, Office of Human Resources, Office of Operations, Office of Retirement and Disability Policy, and the Office of Systems.

Under the ITSS BPA, services will be provided under the following four (4) broad technical areas:

  1. Lifecycle activities for software improvement and web/interface
  2. Database and data administration
  3. Software engineering and management support
  4. Systems Administration and Systems Security support

ITC’ serves as a Prime Contractor on this vehicle.

Pinakin Patel President & CEO (571) 918-9990
Amy Johnson Vice President & COO (571) 918-9981
John Trollinger Vice President & CTO (571) 918-9980