VA Office of Informatics and Information Governance (OIIG) Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) - Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Services IDIQ

ITC is a strategic partner in support of the Veterans Health Administration’s Clinical Informatics and Data Management Office’s (CIDMO) mission to improve and enhance the care provided to Veterans.

Working alongside the Office of KBS CDS division, ITC not only focuses on developing best practices for obtaining and maintaining CDS artifacts, but also creating a roadmap to ensure the artifacts can be ingested and made interoperable through an enterprise IT solution. Our team leads an ongoing environmental assessment of enterprise solutions to identify potential vendors and conclusions for an appropriate tooling alignment between the needs of the Department and industry offerings.

KBS Team

  • Deloitte
  • Sujansky & Associates
  • Ben Allegretti Consulting
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Motive Medical Intelligence
  • Synensys

ITC KBS CDS Capabilities
Clinical Decision Support
Information Architecture
Standards and Interoperability
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ITC Key Personnel
Marisa Veseli
Program Manager
Thomas Fogarty
Vice President of Business Development
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