Business Challenge

DCHC desires transformation of stovepipe collection, CI, and HUMINT systems into superior intelligence systems that emphasize integration, interoperability, customer satisfaction, flexibility, and operational efficiency through the development of a worldwide net-centric enterprise system. The objective is to provide a common architecture to provide secure, mobile, real-time posting of reporting from field data sources to HUMINT collectors.

Solution and Results

Our goal is to assist DCHC design, develop and deploy sound technology solutions that allow combatant commanders, war fighters, and policymakers to access US intelligence, both on the battlefield and from fixed sites. Our team is developing and validating Architecture Analysis Framework, starting with discovery existing systems functionality and documentation; interviews with identified team members, establish functional areas for each application in the D2X portfolio. The resultant inventory will help define the scope of the new architecture and capabilities to be assessed, and will facilitate uniformity, compliance, and congruence.

  • Data Collection – Requirements and Constraints for Target-State
  • Define Conceptual Target-State Solution
  • Select Software Solutions
  • Provide an independent and objective view of the leading edge technologies within the industry and factoring these considerations into the evaluation and recommendations
  • Support development of requirements and design for Proof of Concept
  • Oversight and advisory support for the decision making and Proof of Concept