When I started writing this post, I thought it would be easiest to start by organizing my thoughts in my trusty ITC notepad.  I wanted to avoid saying why I personally think it’s the best place to work, so instead I began writing down all the great things I have heard from ITC employees over the years, as to why ITC is the best place to workI quickly realized that my note pad wasn’t big enough, my handwriting is terrible, and ITC is truly the best place to work for a lot more than just 10 reasons.  To make this easy for readers to digest quickly, I chose to narrow my list to the most popular comments I’ve heard from employees thus far.   

  1. ITC is a Happy Company, and we have FUN!

  2. Innovation 

    ITC looks for the finest and liveliest minds, and employees are constantly wide-open to other incredible employees and brainiac intellectuals like themselves. Being around other like-minded intellectuals allows for an imaginative work environment, teamwork and what some call disorderly improvement.  In addition to our open and collaborative day to day communication style, ITC recently launched “Pitch Day” which allows staff members of all levels the ability to present innovative technical approaches, ideas, methodologies, or products.  ITC helps employees foster and grow these ideas not only by funding the project but also by creating an environment for technical resources to brainstorm and collaborate to bring their ideas to life.   

  3. Growing Company

    ITC has nearly quadrupled its headcount and doubled its revenue numbers over the last 5 years alone. The company’s upward trajectory means increased opportunities for promotion, compensation, responsibility, and overall exposure to new customers and technologies.  

  4. Support of Educational Goals and Credentialing

    ITC is not only committed to employee growth, but we encourage and require it. We offer an extremely generous yearly educational reimbursement allotment for every employee. In addition, each employee is provided paid leave time to take the necessary time away from work needed to attend courses, study, complete certification prep classes, or take exams.

    “Investing in the growth of our people is priority number one” -Pinakin Patel (CEO- IT Concepts Inc.) 

  5. Leadership Development

    Too often the focus of organizations is to network and groom senior managers only, rather than those in junior to mid-level roles.  ITC understands that the current workforce is a dynamic one- in which middle managers turn into C-suite executive overnight. ITC prioritizes employee relationship-building with peers and others early in their career to grow them into future leaders.  Our Leadership Development Program (LDP) starts the development of current and emerging leaders in the company.  The LDP curriculum is designed to render all LDP member’s knowledge in leadership, business development, proposal management, project management, human resources, recruiting, finance, contracts as well as general IT Concepts business policy and procedures needed by all managers.  

  6. None of us are as smart as all of us

    ITC was founded by a group of like-minded thinkers that worked as a team to build an industry leading tech company in the gov-con space.  The mission statement of the company says it all: “Experts doing work that matters and building trust with our clients and ourselves. Effectively…Innovatively…. PassionatelyTOGETHER.”  The collective intelligence and skills of our staff is what makes ITC great.  

  7. Competitive Compensation

    The saying goes “money isn’t everything,” which I agree with, however it is important and does inevitably lend itself to a certain happiness you might not get elsewhere if you are being paid less.  ITC believes in providing best-in-class benefit and compensation packages.  ITC is known for paying extremely competitive salaries as well as retirement benefits set to improve the lives of our employees.  On average, ITC’s employee base salary rates and bonuses eclipse the 75th percentile when compared to other GovCon companies in the tech industry (Payscale, Inc. provided benchmark data). In addition, ITC offers an extremely competitive 401k match with no vesting schedule and an additional annual profit-sharing contribution.  At the end of the day, we strive to make sure our number one asset, our employees, can take care of their families with no stress.  

  8. Exposure to Cutting Edge Technology

    Every member of our ITC family has the unique opportunity to work in a diverse range of technology and business career paths, all while supporting our nation and delivering innovative technology solutions. Whether it be DevSecOps, Data retrieval or virtualization, program and project management support, or support of scalable microservices…regardless of the task, our teams work on programs with cutting edge technologies in support of our federal customer and their mission.    

  9. Flexibility

    We strive to offer employees the flexibility they need to be successful at work. We do everything in our power to allow employees a proper balance between their work and home life.  Work-life balance is the HR buzz word that comes to mind but here at ITC, we truly do believe it and live by it.  We encourage our employees to take time for themselves to avoid any potential burn out. 

  10. Supportive High Touch Culture

    Our core values include several of the factors mentioned above including teamwork, innovation, integrity and honesty, an innate drive to deliver results, and an overall customer commitment.  Collectively, these values represent our employees– the ITC FamilyOur management philosophy incorporates aopen door policy, allowing employees to approach all levels of management openly and freely. This builds comradery, fosters collaboration, innovation, and most importantly allows employees to feel supported from the top down.  It’s not uncommon for an employee to get a call from a member of the executive leadership team on any given day just to check in and see how things are going. We also encourage employees to engage often and provide feedback so ITC can continue to improve and adopting ways that makes us the employer of choice!   

Without a doubt I could go on and on with additional reasons why ITC is the best place to work…the bottom line is ITC supports its employees by listening, compensating them fairly for their efforts, giving them a chance to learn and grow, and allowing them the openness to share ideas and collaborate freely, all while having fun.