ITC President, John Epperly, served as a panelist at this week’s AUSA Conference in Washington, D.C. on the future of the Army National Guard’s infantry divisions.  When not in the office at IT Concepts, Mr. Epperly is a Major General in the Virginia Army National Guard and commands the 29th Infantry Division, which is one of eight infantry divisions in the National Guard nationwide.

With the rise of both China and Russia as potential adversaries, the Army National Guard is re-focusing on preparing for large scale ground combat operations (LSGCO) and away from counter-insurgency operations.  Epperly is playing a key role in developing the organization and training for the Army National Guard to achieve this objective.

IT Concepts is very proud of John and its many other Guardsmen and Reservists who serve as citizen Soldiers.  At IT Concepts we greatly value and encourage service to the nation by our employees.

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