Micro Services and DevOps

Our Application Transformation Leveraging Agile Strategies (ATLAS) methodology approaches enterprise architecture transformation though the implementation of microservices and Development Operations (DevOps).  A microservice architecture is especially effective in environments that expect innovation but are stuck under the weight of process and can’t deliver effectively.  Microservice architectures bring speed and flexibility to adapt to your ever changing conditions by rapidly implementing new services.

Proper implementations of microservices permit iterative development practices to flourish. Enterprises don’t have to spend time, budget and risk to deploy large changes all at once through an already complicated configuration management process. With microservices and DevOps, you can eat the elephant one bite at a time. To support rapid development of microservices, we utilize DevOps. DevOps merges development and operations by automating the path from code check-in to deployment. This is done by integrating development tools, code repositories, library management tools, build tools, automated testing, and cloud-based deployment. This merger frees up resources to build more capabilities instead of managing deployments. IT Concepts provides continuous systems integration services required to design and develop leading-edge capabilities with increased modularity, and robustness to better adapt to and support emerging threats.