Systems Analysis and Enterprise Architecture

At IT Concepts, we understand that your systems include functional and nonfunctional requirements, internal and external business processes, a complex operating environment, and especially these days, tightening budgets. We provide the expertise necessary to decompose and document your business processes to create solutions that efficiently achieve your business and technology goals.

We analyze and catalog existing IT assets including both hardware and software to create an enterprise services model. We then document the interdependencies of critical IT applications and systems from hardware to the end user. This allows us to determine what resources are available to support application requirements, as well as the gaps that need to be acquired or created. Key features of the technology model include:

  • Operating system capabilities on the desktop, on the server, and on the database
  • Supported network protocols
  • Security technologies implemented
  • Hardware and software supporting scalability
  • Database access, transactions, replication, etc.
  • Tools for design, development, data, GUI, defect tracking, debugging, deployment, etc.