ITC provides program support to the Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE) program with the
Veterans Health Administration (VHA) which manages information exchange with private sector and
federal healthcare partners. Current projects in this program include:

  1. VA Exchange – Allows VA and community providers to request and share Veterans’ health
    information from each other’s organizations.
  2. VA Direct Messaging – Allows one VA provider to send specific information to one Community provider (point-to-point) via secure email.
  3. Veteran Authorization and Preferences (VAP) – Allows the management of Veterans’ consent preferences enabling health information exchange with VHIE community partners.
  4. Content Management – VHIE is responsible for the generation of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) payload, based on national standards like HL7 CCDA, supporting all organizations that use it.
  5. Other HIE and Community Engagement – Represents engagement in regional health information exchange & State HIE initiatives. Supports VA leadership in innovation as interoperability expands to the future.

VHIE represents a community of health care systems ability to securely share information over the
Internet based upon a common set of national standards, trust agreements, and policies. This not only
saves time and reduces redundant testing, but also improves continuity of care as it gives all providers a
more complete picture of overall health history. Instead of carrying printed health information from one
provider to another, Veterans can authorize their providers immediate access to their health
information electronically.

The ITC team has provided valuable support to the VHIE program since September 29, 2017. During
FY18, the team has supported the onboarding of 52 new Exchange Partners, connecting 644 new
Community Partners with VA Direct Messaging, and gathering 153,931 Veteran Authorizations. The ITC
team has also created and launched a new VHIE branding campaign, implemented an Integrated Master
Schedule (IMS) for all the various projects within the VHIE program, and supported the migration of data
and launch of reporting in the Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) alleviating tremendous strain from a
major VA system that had been experiencing severe system performance issues. We are also supporting
VHIE with their modernization efforts to move from custom-built systems to COTS products for health
information exchange (InterSystems HealthShare and Cerner); as well as the implementation of the VA
Mission Act transitioning the program from an “Opt-In” model (Veteran must sign a consent form
authorizing the VA to share their medical records electronically) to an “Opt-Out” model (Veteran health
information will be exchanged electronically with connected partners unless the Veteran signs a
revocation form). These are exciting and major changes within the VHIE program that will advance
information exchange and the ITC team is eager to continue supporting the VHIE program in FY19.

ITC would like to welcome Max Skalatsky to the VHIE ITC team. He joined ITC on August 21 st as the new
Program Manager for the VHIE contract. Welcome aboard Max!